Frequently Asked Questions

Like anything worth building, we're still figuring out what Atlas should be as everyday goes by. However, here are answers to some questions which we get from people very often.

1. What is Atlas?

Atlas is the publishing company that every Author dreams about working with. We're completely devoted to building a platform that unlocks the genius in every writer; we are building the tools that allow every book lover to escape to neverland - where the sun never sets, where you never grow up, and the good guys always win.
Okay, maybe I drifted a bit; but you get the idea.

2. I'm an Author, how can I join the beta?

So, Atlas is in limited beta at this time, and we're working with select Authors to build out core content for the platform. But, don't get discouraged yet, we're working hard to make Atlas generally available soon—after we've worked out most of the quirks. Please stay tuned.

3. I love reading, when can I try Atlas out?

Atlas is in limited beta at this time. But we're working hard to build out the infrastructure that will allow us to leave 'invite only mode'. When we are ready, we will start a public beta for readers around the world.

4. What devices and operating systems are supported?

Atlas supports only macOS for now. After we leave limited beta, we will roll out Atlas to other operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Linux) gradually.

5. Is there a back story?

You bet, It's the stuff of movies; but we have to start at the very beginning and ship Atlas to you first of all :) There will be plenty of time and space for story telling within Atlas in the near future. For now, the protagonists have to go back to living the plot.